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The Goods

The three elements of the Mobile Community Kitchen for Mount Dennis.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Quotes from the Community Kitchen attendees

“ Since visiting the community kitchen on Friday nights I really look forward to coming here. We talk about the student’s project and I contribute my time. I feel my ideas are important and welcomed. They treat me like its me …and my opinions matter. I loved putting my sewing skills to use helping to make the canopy part. When it’s ready to go up I’ll be so proud to know that I was involved in it”


Retired seamstress and Oxford Drive resident.

“What a blast. I have a great time on Fridays and look forward to the progress made by the students each week. They have really listened to the residents who will be using this mobile kitchen in the future. I have also enjoyed all the different kinds of interactions between people you would never see anywhere else. It’s been a real eye opener – highly recommended and entertaining… have enjoyed every minute of it. Looking forward to many more of these special moments this summer…”


President of Peregrine Security Consulting Ltd.

“I had no idea this happened on Friday nights in my area. I had feelings of being so isolated over the winter months that it was depressing. I felt not much happened around here. Now that’s different since coming to this Kitchen. I feel like I belong, everyone does, to the same group. We worked together with the students from the University and we got to see how they worked on a project. Maybe they learned a little from us too.”


Resident and parent

“It has been fun to watch the process unfold naturally--- Organic and creative, and emerging with Spring time….. and well done all! “


Mount Dennis/Weston Network

Monday, April 21, 2008

Surfacing the laminated table tops for the small cart

and Harry working diligently on the table for the big cart.