Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thanks to the Ontario College of Art and Design!

We'd like to thank the Ontario College of Art and Design, especially Georgia in the metal shop, for the use of their facilities during the construction of our mobile kitchen.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

March 28 Meeting and Eating: 3 Videos, 19 Images

Lots of fun at the March 28 Mount Dennis Community Kitchen Meeting (and Eating).

Scott Keyes giving another tour of Mount Dennis. . .

. . . presenting the latest version of the mobile kitchen to the Community Kitchen group . . .

. . . the young and the young-at-heart trying out the prototype Collection/Distribution cart. . .

. . . discussion around the latest version of the mobile kitchen . . .

. . . and the Collection/Distribution prototype in action.

Friday, March 28, 2008

1837: Of Refrain




Overall, we may say that music is plugged into a machinic phylum infinitely more powerful than that of painting: a line of selective pressure. . . . Painters, at least as commonly portrayed, may be much more political, and less controlled from without and within.

In the Mount Dennis mobile kitchen project, who are the painters, and who are the musicians? How can we encourage painters to become musicians, and musicians to become painters? Or is this a false duality: are musicians always painters, and vice-versa?

The refrain also has a catalytic function: not only to increase the speed of the exchanges and reactions in that which surrounds it, but also to assure indirect interactions between elements devoid of so-called natural affinity, and thereby to form organized masses. (348)

If we consider our mobile kitchen as a refrain, as a territorializing assemblage (the seed of order in chaos, organizing a limited space around an uncertain and fragile centre, open to the future and the cosmos), how does our it instrumentally organize heterogeneous masses? How do we ensure that this organization remains rhizomatic?

Your synthesis of disparate elements will be all the stronger if you proceed with a sober gesture, an act of consistency, capture or extraction that works in a material that is not meager but prodigiously simplified, creatively limited, selected. (344)

What strategies (material choice, procedural, conceptual, division of labour, or otherwise) can we employ to prodigiously simplify, creatively limit, and select our final design direction?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Incremental Approvals for March 20

Dear Adrian:

We have approved the following design direction:

Structures -

Are going to program and prototype the small cart. Incorporate connections of containers to the frame.

Materials -

Test sewing of offcut materials (canopy prototype)
Source steel on Monday.
Continue to explore sources of industrial waste material(s).

Program -

Combine Harry, Graham and Pam's into a synthesized large cart.
Description of parts
- rotating joints
- triangular forms (as table tops)
- additional wheels at pivoting points to remove requirement of legs
- rounded corners
- wood (exterior material)
- steel frame
- ingenuity
- whimsy (not unanimous, +/-85%)

regards, the class

Thursday, March 13, 2008

All School Review

Below are the "action shots" printed for the All School Review.

At the February 29 meeting, we divided into 5 student groups and 5 community member groups.The images below represent all of the student groups and all of the community member groups.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Meeting 1 - Structure Lens

Here are some sketches of a uniform structural and material assembly based on a consistent formal frame.