Saturday, April 19, 2008

Three Days, Three Carts

Tuesday, 10:16AM: Graham, Gene and I head to Punchclock for what was intended to be the final day of welding.

Wednesday, 6:45AM: This turns out to not be the case.

Wednesday, 12:20PM: A trip to Solway Metal, our generous steel supplier.

Wednesday, 1:07PM: Jamie's house in Mississauga, site of the Medium Cart's construction. We swap tall tales and drop off supplies.

Tuesday, 4:15PM: Scott and Luke join as at Punchclock. Just as things get really rolling. . .

. . . Rocky shows up and informs us that he's gotta weld, so we gotta go.

Thursday, 5:45AM: Graham, Luke, Gene and I head to Punchclock for what was intended to be the final day of welding . . . again.

Thursday, 9:12AM: Who knew Luke had such bright white teeth!

Thursday, 11:01AM: Unfortunately, the welder at Punchclock is broken, so we head to Jamie's, picking up Scott along the way. . .

Thursday, 1:55PM: The three carts loaded for final delivery to the galvanizers!

2:31PM: Arrival at the galvanizing facility. Galvanizing for our project was generously donated by Pure Metal.

Scott was kind enough to provide one of his now-infamous tours, this time of the drop-off area out back.

3:18PM: Done! Presenting the Mount Dennis Mobile Community Kitchen, ready for galvanizing. The Large Cart. . .

. . . the Small Cart. . .

. . . and the Medium Cart.

And then: disaster. Tim gently informed us that our drainage holes were inadequate. "You'll need holes here. . . and here . . . and here. . . and here. And here. And here."

After a stop for some drill bits, we proceeded to Prototype Design Lab, where we rounded up 4 drills (and the assistance of Kevin - thanks Kevin!), and proceeded to drill some 100-odd 3/8" holes.

Thursday, 9:34PM: Done . . . again.

Thursday, 10:01PM: Who knew that galvanizing happened 24 hours a day?

Thursday, 10:12PM: Dave, filling in the requisite forms with Graham . . .

. . . "16 TABLES + FRAMES + MISC." See you on Tuesday, Dave - and thank you very much from all of use here at Assembling a Molecular Architecture.

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